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PalMed UK

Is one of the branches of PalMed Europe, is a medical, professional and independent organisation which seeks to gather Palestinians in the UK working in various fields of the healthcare sector. We are a legally registered non-profit organisation established in August 2011.


Our message 


PalMed UK aims to create strong bonds with professional and charity organisations, especially those in Europe, which are interested in the healthcare sector in Palestine, in hopes of developing the medical services there and making them more sustainable.

You can visit our parent organisation’s website here: www.palmedeurope.org

Our objectives

  • To provide a network for exchange of knowledge and information between Palestinian doctors and other healthcare professionals in the UK, and with their counterparts in Palestine 
  • To establish partnership arrangements between UK academic and medical institutions and those in Palestine, to improve medical services for the people of Palestine 
  • To support Palestinian healthcare facilities to cope with their tasks and challenges 
  • To encourage education and continuing professional development of Palestinian healthcare professionals in the UK and in Palestine


Our means


PalMed UK uses any legal and possible methods to deliver its message and achieve its aims. These methods include: having direct contact with various significant public organisations and NGOs and holding regular seminars and conferences which introduce the organisation and its achievements.

PalMed UK organises an annual meeting for its members and executive committee in which its achievements and future plans are discussed.


Our main achievements


Throughout the last three years, PalMed UK alongside PalMed and its other branches have sent a number of special medical delegations to the West Bank, Gaza Strip and refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. These delegations have delivered a unique level of medical services to Palestinians inside and outside of Palestine. They have also held many specialised lectures at universities and hospitals for professionals and students in various medical fields.

The kidney transplant unit is considered one the most important projects by PalMed UK. Many stages of the project have been completed such as hosting a team of medics and nurses in the UK for a training programme in British hospitals which has enabled them to use the latest techniques in the kidney transplant field. 

In addition, PalMed UK was able to send 3 delegations to the Gaza Strip during the 2014 conflict and was able to launch fundraising campaign to treat the wounded victims of the conflict.

PalMed UK has connected the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh with Palestinian Health professionals in Lebanon by web streaming the college evening updates.


Our future projects


  • Continue send regular delegations according to the needs of Palestinians inside and outside of Palestine. 
  • Establish a first aid and emergency academy in accordance with the latest international standards.
  • Start a post-traumatic psychological rehabilitation training in coordination with Palestinian universities to help people suffering from psychological problems after the war, especially children.        
  • Continuing to support and increase Palestinian Health professional CPD. 


“Together we heal wounds”