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The PalMed UK membership is regulated by Article 10 and 17 from the constitution.

Members are those who are willing and able to participate in the activities of the organisation, by giving up time to undertake frontline healthcare work in Palestine and neighbouring areas, or equally important ‘behind the scenes’ work in the UK, and are also willing to make a small financial commitment to support our costs.

We have three categories of membership:

Full membership: 

This is for Healthcare Professional of Palestinian origin

Waged: £80 per year
Unwaged/student: £20 per year

Supporting Membership:

Healthcare Professional (does not have to be of Palestinian origin)

Waged: £30 per year
Unwaged/student: £10 per year

Honorary Membership 

The executive committee is entitled to give this title to any person it believes has provided unique services to the Palestinian people. The duties and responsibilities of this member are similar to those of a supporting membership
Waged: £30 per year

To apply for membership please fill the application form below and send it by e-mail to:


Download PalMed UK  Membership Application Form Here 



Do want to help without becoming a member? If so, please complete our contact form with a description of what you can offer.


If you would just like to make a donation, please click here.