11:42 pm | by: Mai Sammak

Mr. Abdul Alkader Hammad consultant renal surgery and head of transplant unit in Royal Liverpoll Hospital  had arrived to Gaza on 19th of March to continue his work on the PalMed Kidney transplant project in Gaza. He and his team are currently working on the 7th stage of the projects. He will perform 3 operations with assistance from local staff as planned. The staff had been successfully trained to work with renal transplant cases in previous stages of the project.

photo 1


PalMed Europe and UK appreciate the help and support provided by the health ministry in Gaza and other involved organisations and above all the dedicated staff who worked hard to make this project happen.

This project will serve patients needing kidney transplantation in Gaza to be able to access treatment under the siege circumstances. It is one of he projects that PalMed Europe is running to improve the health standards of the Palestinians wherever they are.